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Why Choose Us

We strive to stand out against other disposal companies by offering a 5 ⭐ service

Citywide provides high-quality solutions and personalized services that create a lasting impression on our customers. We provide quick, reliable Disposal Bin Rentals in the Greater Toronto area. Our main focus is on providing quality customer service, competitive pricing, and offering a variety of junk removal bins. We understand that our customers want to save money and provide easy access to junk removal bins that are suited to their needs. We strive to stand out against other disposal companies by offering a 5 ⭐ service.

City Wide Bins Inc, is a leading disposal bins company serving the greater Toronto area. We are the most reliable and affordable bins company that is also happy to offer a first class junk removal service.

We are committed to providing a first class service service the Toronto area with the lowest and most affordable prices. Take look at our prices and order a mini bin today! Call us at: 647-765-BINS (2467)

Not only are we committed to providing a professional mini bin service with our fleet or 4 yard, 10 yard14 yard and even 24 yard disposal bins, but we pride ourselves in the courteous service that we provide. Call us an order a drop-off, when you’re done, call us and order a pickup, the easiest way to order a mini bin.

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Order a bin

We also make the booking process as simple and convenient as possible. Simply fill out the online form and we’ll get back to you with a detailed quote RIGHT AWAY!


Our Commitment 

We offer a hassle-free low-price guarantee and we won’t surprise you with unexpected fees and surcharges.

Our lightweight bins are drive-way safe with built in rollers and double doors for easy loading. Upon request wood will be place under rails of bins. Ensuring and extra layer of protection on your property.

All our weights are allocated and we are 100% transparent with our customers. We build on trust and all weight slips are provided to our customers, ensuring them a trusted and reliable service.


Business hours

Mon-Fri 6:30am-6:30pm
Sat 6:30am-3:30pm
Sun Closed

Is material delivery included with the bin rental price?

Material delivery price $50.00 with Bin Rental.

All products listed are also available for delivery in 30 kilo bags. For any questions regarding pricing on materials and delivery rates please call the office and we would be happy to help you.

Can other waste go in a clean fill bin?

If waste garbage is present in a clean fill bin, a per ton rate of $90.00 is applied with a $150 drop off and pick charge as well to be applied.

How long can I keep the mini bin for?

All bins are included with a 7-day Bin rental time period. We understand projects at times take longer than expected. We are always willing to work with our customers offering extending time on the bin rental.

Are there any prohibited items to put in the bin?

We don’t accept hazardous materials such as: Chemicals,
Propane tanks,Tires,Batteries, Paints, Medical waste and Aerosol cans,

Please see Prohibited items for more. 


Service area

GTA service area